Elizabeth Fire Rescue

Ride-Along Request

Civilian Ride-Along

The purpose of the Ride-Along Program with the Elizabeth Fire Protection District is to provide an educational experience to our community.  This program is designed to inform the public of the day-to-day activities of a fire protection district.  The Elizabeth Fire Protection District serves 111 square miles in north-west Elbert County, including the town of Elizabeth.  The District provides fire suppression, fire prevention, fire investigation, public education, emergency medical services, patient transport and haz-mat response.

A person may request a Ride-Along with the Elizabeth Fire Protection District by filling out the reverse side of this form and submitting it to the District.  All Ride-Along’s are subject to approval by the Chief of the Department and the Shift Lieutenant.  A Ride-Along request may be rejected for any reason. When a Ride-Along request is approved, the rider will be contacted to schedule the date and time for the Ride-Along.  Ride-Along’s will only be scheduled during daytime hours.  (0600-2100) (6:00a.m.-9:00p.m.)

When the rider arrives for the ride, they must be wearing navy blue slacks, white shirt with a collar and comfortable shoes or boots.  Appearance must be neat, clothes and rider clean.  No insignia, writing or pictures can be on clothing worn by rider.  The rider will contact the Shift Lieutenant and will be given instructions of how the rider will conduct his/her self during th shift.  During the course of the shift, meals and bathroom access may be limited.  Rider must bring their meal or money to purchase a meal.
It is understood by the rider or the guardian that under some circumstances, the rider may be left at a hospital or other location, due to the hazard or response requirements of the department.  At no time will the rider be allowed to perform fire ground or suppression activities.  On all scenes, the rider will be told what to do and where to be by the firefighter assigned to the rider.  If at any time the rider does not follow directions, the ride along will be immediately terminated.  Rider must wear a seatbelt at all times her/she is in the department vehicle.

The rider understands that patient confidentiality must be upheld on all EMS calls.  The rider agrees not to discuss any particulars of any call to anyone outside the Elizabeth Fire Department.  I have been given a copy of the Elizabeth Fire Protection District’s HPAA Privacy Notice and agree to adhere to the provisions. 

The rider understands that Fire/Rescue and EMS activities are inherently dangerous and agrees to conduct him/her self in accordance with the rules for the Ride-Along Program and any instructions given by the Fire Department Staff.  The rider understands that the ride can be terminated at any time by any Fire Department Member.

A waiver will need to be signed upon arrival. If under 18, waiver will need to be signed by a parent or guardian.