• Inspections are required to be either phone in at 303-646-3800 or requested through the website by 4pm the day before you wish the inspection.  Note: All inspection times are subject to inspector availability.   
  • A re-inspection fee may be charged to the contractor if, upon arrival of the inspection, the work scheduled for inspection is not completed. 
  • The fire prevention bureau normal operating hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday.  After hour inspections can be requested.  See the fee schedule for additional fees.  

Operational Permit  

Development and Construction 

  •   A permit application shall be submitted either electronically or in paper format to this office.
  • Site plans shall be submitted for all special event, tent, carnival, and places of assembly permits.  
  • Operational permits are subject to inspection.  

New and Existing Construction Applications:

  • Submittals can be either electronic or paper form.  If you are submitting in paper form a plan review application needs to be submitted as well.  
  • The plan review process takes a minimum of 10 working days from the date the plans are submitted.  (An expedited review can be request.  See the fee schedule for additional fees.)


Elizabeth Fire Rescue