Elizabeth Fire Rescue

2018 Elizabeth Farmers Market


The Elizabeth Fire Department had a very special group of people come visit them. The Sky Cliff Center, Adult Day Care and Stroke Support Group, toured the fire station and learned valuable life lessons while having some fun with the fire hose. 

2018 New Engines

2018 Elizabeth Fire Department Tours

Don't forget to stop by the local Farmer's Market every Friday night for music, fresh fruit and vegetables, and other festivities. The Elizabeth Fire Department will be there every month to help give tips to the community on how to keep their homes safe. 

2018 Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo

2018 Elizabeth Stampede


The Elizabeth Fire Department showcased their vehicles in the parade along with setting up a booth on Main St. where children and their parents can get a closer look at the fire engine and the life of a firefighter.  

Elizabeth Stampede honored all first responders on first night of the rodeo. Elizabeth Fire Department picked two young kids from the audience to simulate bunker gear and hose race against the firefighters during the intermission of the rodeo. As the little kids finished the race, they sprayed water at the firefighters they were racing against. The kids who participated won a ride in the Flight for Life Helicopter. 

The Elizabeth Fire Station purchased two new engines while updated safety features for our firefighters.