Elizabeth Fire Rescue

Core Values and Principles

March, 2009

The Board, Management and Staff of the Elizabeth Fire Protection District are committed to upholding the following values and principles while working within our organization and with each other:

1. Safety:

We feel that the safety of our staff and citizens is the primary objective of our organization. Everyone who comes to work goes home from work. Everyone feels comfortable that they can identify a safety concern. Management and staff members will do everything they can within their authority and ability to mitigate safety concerns.

2. Customer Service:

We recognize that serving our community is a privilege. Whether a citizen is in need of emergency services or simply could use assistance in a daily task, we should be ready to assist in any way possible. If we find that we cannot assist the community member, we will find somebody or something that can. No matter what the occurrence is, we will treat our customers as if they had a choice in service providers and will strive to make every contact a positive experience.

3. Professionalism:

We will conduct ourselves with respect and with manners when interacting with our peers and our community. Our goal is to bring credit to the Fire District whenever we contact our community members.

4. Progressive:

We value a work environment where goals and objectives are taken seriously and where staff and management work together to grow as an organization. We choose to set examples of progress within our region and to encourage our staff to look forward and never dwell on past negatives when making crucial decisions.

5. Ownership:

We value teamwork and the strength of decisions developed through open and collaborative processes. We understand that every person in the organization is a stakeholder and provides valuable input to decision making at some point.